About Me

Since 2007, I have worked in various marketing roles from designer to consultant in different industries. As a result, I problem solve with a 360 perspective, seeing multiple angles of the same issue.

I was born in Nigeria where most of my extended family still live. My ties to Nigeria motivated me to work there from 2014 to 2015. I gained insights into how to do business in an emerging market and contributed my skills to increase profits and market share for my company and clients. I am passionate about Africa and the opportunities available to open-minded individuals.

When I am not seeking opportunities in Africa, I am writing a new story. I love to write and enjoy reading adventure stories as well. Books with empowered women are my favorite. Authors like Tanya Huff, Juliet Marillier, and Diana Gabaldon inspire my thirst for adventure. Being able to tell a story has been part of both my career and personal life. I look forward to many more years of building strong plots, campaigns, and more

Core Values

To be nobody but myself-in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make me somebody else-means to fight the hardest battle any human can fight, and never stop fighting. - e.e. cummings

  • Accountability: Be accountable for your actions.
  • Resilience: Do not give up easily. Achieving your goal is worth a good fight.
  • Making a Difference: Live a purpose driven life. Leave a positive impact in everything you do.
  • Passion: Life is too short to live without passion. Work = passion.
  • Empathy: When you can empathize you can understand then you can provide the right solution.

Leadership Philosophy

For me successful leadership is built through relationships and forming bonds of trust. To do so a leader should maintain consistency, integrity, empathy, and demonstrate ability. The next step is to develop other leaders which is the ultimate goal of leadership. The biggest reward is hearing back from a mentee that they have reached new heights in their career as a result of my mentorship.

  • Consistency -> Integrity: Being consistent connotes integrity. Consistent not only in direction and aligning with company goals but also in behavior. An erratic leader breeds uncertainty and a breakdown of trust.
  • Empathy: Emotional intelligence in a leader is worth more than expertise. This is crucial with local teams and especially global teams. Being able to relate to people not only in the cubicle next to you but across the ocean can make the difference in team performance.
  • Credibility (Ability): People should be able to trust your word, know you are fair, and that you can deliver. Credibility not only deals with the people you lead but with the people that lead you.


    Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Projects:
  • Developed marketing campaigns that required the use of PowerPoint to convince stakeholders, excel for revenue model builds, and Projects to manage resources and timeline.
    Data Analysis:
  • Analyzed 10 years of data to predict the movement of the Russian ruble in the next 5 years.
  • Used JMP to segment and target customers based on historic sales and survey information and Tableau to visualize data results.
    Market Research:
  • Conducted market feasibility study for technology start-up by assessing competitors, customers and analyzing trends.


    Customer Orientation:
  • Worked diligently at Dell to investigate customer needs and designed strategies to fulfill identified needs through marketing and sales initiatives.
    Technical Expertise:
  • Used my background as a designer to manage creative projects with vendors.
    Results Orientation:
  • Increase social media following, of fine jewelry company by 73% in 3 months by changing the target customer segment.


Ability to thrive in ambiguity While working at Dell EMC this summer, I worked on a project that required me to identify vehicles that drive and diminish b2b customer loyalty. Through gathering internal and external data on company performance and talking directly to customers through in depth interviews and focus groups, I was able to uncover discrepancies between internal perceptions of Dell EMC's commercial customer versus customer viewpoints. With further analysis, I was able to make recommendations for operational changes and marketing vehicles and tactics that could improve customer retention by 4% and generate an ROI of over 12 million, after the first year of implementation.
To be an adaptable self-starter with a global perspective While working in Nigeria as a marketing manager, I was challenged to globalize my perspective of business and to adapt to a fast paced and culturally different environment. Since customer insights were difficult to come by, I hit the streets on foot to learn about trends, competition, and cultural tone. This hands-on approach allowed me to learn what I needed to bring valuable insights to my company.
To be analytical and creative thinking In the summer of 2016, I worked with a fine jewelry company to refocus their branding to a new target consumer. At the time, their perceived target consumers were Caucasian women ages 21 and above. Upon analyzing their sales and social media engagement data, I was able to narrow down their ideal target to middle-aged African American women with income over $60,000. From there, I created a proposal geared towards capturing the attention and hearts of this demographic. This helped them fine tune campaigns and resources. Social media following increased by 73% and monthly sales increased by 50% over a 6-month period.

Professional Recognition
American Advertising Gold Award (2009)
Accepted in the Business Analyst Team from over 50 internal applicants (2010)
LDI Africa Fellow (2015 – 2018)

Personal Highlights
Successfully bargained in Spanish, for a 60% discount while on vacation in Mexico.
Written over 100 poems and over 30 short stories
Published self-help articles in Vanguard and digital magazines run by Nationally Owned Banks in Nigeria


  • Build professional network by setting-up at least one 1x1, a week
  • Be impactful in areas of under representation by joining an ERN for women and black employees and contributing my time and skills consistently
  • Drive continuous career growth by; joining at least two regional professional organizations and participating regularly in events; attending relevant conferences/seminars once a year; and displaying the skills desired for the next job
  • Successfully participate in the National Novel Writing Month (https://nanowrimo.org/ ) 2017/2018
  • Present on stage a spoken word piece in my new city post-graduation
  • Complete novel (in progress) by 2019
  • Join a non-profit board


You can contact me either through the form on the right or emailing me directly at joyejohns@gmail.com